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Facebook: A Foundation For Friendship

Mar 28, 15 Facebook: A Foundation For Friendship

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Facebook. It’s a peculiar thing, would you not agree? I mean, it’s a bulletin board, for all intents and purposes, or maybe a really big ‘fridge. A fridge where we stick our kids’ artwork, magnets with inspirational quotes or witticisms, and little notes to ourselves and to others. Maybe a report card or...

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A Listy Letter To The Things I Love

Bright copper kettles? Warm woolen mittens? Brown paper packages tied up with strings? Are these a few of my favorite things? Well, I admit that they ARE rather nice, but sometimes nice just doesn’t cut the mustard. As an aside, why does mustard need cutting? Who came up with this expression? Plenty of things need cutting:...

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Quiet is lovely. Quiet is the hush of babies breathing deeply. Quiet is the serene, muffled loveliness after a snowfall. Quiet is the perfection of those fleeting pre-dawn moments that allow for a few sips of velvety coffee. Quiet is a hand reaching out for yours without a word, without a sound. Quiet is pain. Quiet is when that...

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It’s A Happy Hour For Heroes!

My job is pretty awesome. I’m one of a lucky few people who gets to do, each day, something that she truly loves. Not only that, I get to work with some incredible, fascinating people in cities all over the world and from every line of work you could imagine. It’s pretty awesome, indeed. One of the BEST things about my job is that,...

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When It’s Summer Here.

The following is a seasonal rebuttal to my friend Kerry’s post rhapsodizing the coming of fall to New York City (it’s a lovely post, albeit somewhat early; be sure to pop over and read it here: Lest we forget, folks, summer still has a couple of weeks left in...

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Your underwear. Definitely your underwear. Every day. Your mind. Your order. Your direction. The batteries in your smoke detectors. Your hair color. Your attitude.   Change. Is there any word that strikes terror in the hearts of men (and, yes, women) more than CHANGE? Change means THE UNKNOWN is out there (cue ominous music)....

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Happy Birthday, Mr. Shakespeare!

William Shakespeare.  Never has there been a name that strikes fear into the hearts of students like WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. “You mean we have to read Julius Caesar … AGAIN? Uggggghhhhh.” I was one of those students. There was a point during each school year after about 8th grade or so when I could think of nothing more...

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