Are You A Responder?


How are you with that? If someone sends you an email, leaves you a voice mail message, text, or attempts to connect with you in some way, how and when do you respond? Do you respond at all?

What’s your order of importance?

Clients? Friends? Sure, those are a given.

But riddle me this: if someone reaches out to you in a personal way, even if you don’t know them personally, do you take the time to respond? Or do you ignore them? Think about this. Each of us espouses the value of making connections. We use lofty speech about being a part of a community; extol the benefits of being human.

Do we practice what we preach?

Think about how even the smallest message might impact someone. It might not seem like a big deal, but taking a few short minutes (if it takes even that long) of your time to respond to someone can make a huge difference to them.

The exchange that we all say we want in our communities is idealistic, to be sure. When someone reaches out, shouldn’t we do our best to reach back?

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