The Warm, Sunny Afterglow of REBarCamp Phoenix

Last week, I had the distinct pleasure of participating at REBarCamp Phoenix. There was more warmth and sunshine around me than I would have ever believed, and that was just from the people in attendance!

With nearly 800 eager-to-learn folks charging enthusiastically into Scottsdale Stadium, even if the weather hadn’t been picture perfect, it was bound to be a fantastic, productive day. For me, it was an opportunity to connect “IRL” (for you tech-speak people) or “in person” (for those of you who simply speak English) with so many of the people with whom I’ve encountered and talked with online. It was a chance to get to know them as they actually are (it’s just about the best part of what I do).

In addition to meeting lots of fantastic people (and eating lots of great Southwestern food), I led a discussion about how to establish and maintain brand image — both personal and business — across social media channels (feel free to check out my slidedeck, below). Though we were derailed from time to time (one of the fun things about BarCamps is that they are unstructured and tend to go off-topic; they get “barcampy”), it was a great session, filled with lots of ideas and input from the group around me. I went in with a head full of ideas, but left with lots more great ones!

Thanks to everyone who participated; I feel privileged to have been able to attend, privileged to have met so many great people, and privileged to have a job that lets me do something, which I love so dearly.

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