Introducing BeeLines: Bios, Just For You, By Honeybee

What’s everyone’s least favorite thing to do? Ironing? Eat Brussels Sprouts? Watch political ads on TV? Sure, those things are all pretty darned bad, but almost universally, people hate to talk, much less write, about themselves.

It’s hard.

You work tirelessly for your clients. You bend over backward to help them. You’re respected by your peers. You solve the myriad problems with style. You’re a well-educated, trained, expert in your field. But try to sit down to write a few paragraphs about how fantastic, how super-qualified, how amazing you really are? Forget it.

And really? When it comes to marketing yourself? What’s more important? When people visit your website, they need to get sold on YOU. They don’t care about widgets and shiny objects. They want to know why they should hire YOU and not someone else. The “about me” section of your website is its single most important feature.

Enter BeeLines.

BeeLines by Honeybee are clever, creative, away-from-the-everyday bios that are created exclusively for you. Nothing canned, no boilerplate, never anything generic. BeeLines takes your greatness and sets it off the way it should be.

For $300, you’ll get a customized “about me” page that you can use for your website or blog. You’ll also get shortened versions that you can use for things like speaker profiles or for places where you’re given limited space.

You’re an outstanding commodity. Your bio should say nothing less. Make sure you’re putting your best foot forward and giving yourself the leg up you need, and that you deserve.

BeeLines will make you sound better than you ever thought you could!

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