It’s A Happy Hour For Heroes!

book_the_invisible_saleMy job is pretty awesome.

I’m one of a lucky few people who gets to do, each day, something that she truly loves. Not only that, I get to work with some incredible, fascinating people in cities all over the world and from every line of work you could imagine.

It’s pretty awesome, indeed.

One of the BEST things about my job is that, every now and then, I get an opportunity to do something that’s not only fun and informative and interesting, but also has the added bonus of letting me give back to my community in some way.

NOW is one of those times.

It’s a Happy Hour for Heroes!

You heard that right: it’s a happy hour (and a VERY happy one, at that) for heroes. It’ll be an evening about a great new book, it’ll be an evening of fun, of a few drinks, and of great information that’ll all come together to benefit American servicemen & women and their families, too.

The Invisible Sale

First things first. This event wouldn’t be happening without Tom Martin. He’s penned a fantastic new book called The Invisible Sale, and it’s gonna have salespeople in every vertical completely rethinking the way they do business. It’ll give them the tools to build a digital sales prospecting system that creates influence, attracts more qualified leads, shortens their sales cycles, and increase conversion rates. Tom, who’s more skilled and well-versed in digital and mobile technologies than any other 50 people I know, has been refining his techniques (which he’s used to drive double-digit growth in his company, Converse Digital, year over year) for more than 20 years.

FisherHouseFisher House 

THIS is the good stuff. If you’ve not heard about Fisher House, listen up. It’s an organization that can best be described as Ronald McDonald House for military families. Fisher Houses are beautiful homes that are located on or near military bases and hospitals that give the families of wounded or sick servicemen & women a place to stay while they’re visiting their loved ones.

How cool is that? REALLY cool, that’s how cool.

In the Washington, DC area, given the number of military personnel here, we have several Fisher Houses. Proceeds from our event will go to benefit Fisher House Bethesda, which actually has FIVE Fisher Houses (one of which was the very first Fisher House), located near Walter Reed National Medical Center.


This is the important stuff. On October 24, we’ll gather at Windows Over Washington (home of some of the most spectacular views of Washington you’ll ever see) at the Doubletree Hotel in Pentagon City. Attendees will get: a signed copy of The Invisible Sale, they’ll get to meet Tom (BONUS!), they’ll get 2 drinks, fabulous hors d’oeuvres throughout the evening, great conversation, fun … AND … the net proceeds from ticket sales will benefit Fisher Houses Bethesda via Fisher House Foundation. (<— all of the information you need is RIGHT HERE!!)

TICKETS: $45 (more than HALF of this will go to Fisher Houses Bethesda!)
WHERE: Windows Over Washington, Doubletree Hotel, Pentagon City
WHEN: October 24, 2013 from 6:00-8:30 p.m.
WHO: Daria Steigman, Melissa Case, and THE Tom Martin
WHATCHAGET: A signed copy of Tom’s book! 2 drinks! Food (mmm … FOOD!) and the soul-satisfying peace that comes from helping out a group of people who badly need–and DESERVE–it ($45 is a drop in the bucket for the heart-swelling good you’ll feel).


We want to raise as much money for Fisher House as possible, which means we need as many PEOPLE there as possible! And you can help. First, you can join us! We’d love to have you. Second, share this post to your Facebook wall, to Twitter, to LinkedIn, Google+ (yes, people really do use it!) or anyplace else you can think of. When you do, use (much to the chagrin of Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake) the hashtag #ivs4charity. Let’s spread the love far and wide!

Daria & I are super-excited about this event, not just because it’s for Tom, who’s a terrific friend, and we both think he’s the bee’s knees, but because we’re helping to do something that’ll do so much for the people who do so much to help make our lives peaceful. Let’s do all we can to help Fisher House help the people who help us.

Join us for #ivs4charity DC! Good book, good people, good times … all coming together to do some good that really matters. See you then!



  1. As the son of a Vietnam Vet — so incredibly excited that we’re getting to help this tremendous organization. Thanks for agreeing to do this Melissa… (and Daria) — it’s going to be a grand night I think.

  2. Tom, I cannot wait. Growing up in DC and being a NAVY “brat” (the daughter of a Vietnam veteran), I have a special affection for the people who serve so selflessly in our armed forces. To be able to help them and their families, all while spending time with friends & sharing your work with them, well … that’s a darned good night in my book.

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