2182376536_87a875701eQuiet is lovely.

Quiet is the hush of babies breathing deeply.

Quiet is the serene, muffled loveliness after a snowfall.

Quiet is the perfection of those fleeting pre-dawn moments that allow for a few sips of velvety coffee.

Quiet is a hand reaching out for yours without a word, without a sound.

Quiet is pain.

Quiet is when that hand is no longer there.

Quiet is when the phone ceases ringing.

Quiet is when you wake and you suddenly remember you’re the only one home.

Quiet is the realization your kids are somewhere else.

Quiet is loneliness.

Quiet is deafening.

Quiet is peaceful.

Quiet is finding yourself.

Quiet is letting go.

Quiet is hope.

Quiet is being good to yourself.

Quiet is kind.

Quiet is rest.

Quiet is patience.

Quiet is knowing it’s going to be OK.

Quiet, after all, is just quiet.

Photo Credit: ***Bud*** via Compfight cc


  1. Beautiful, yet hard to read and take it all in … Quiet for me right now, is not receiving that text again. Hugs, lovely post Melissa.

  2. Streams of consciousness happen often around here, Heather. I hope you got your text & I’m so thankful to have you here.

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