A Listy Letter To The Things I Love

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 8.45.08 AMBright copper kettles? Warm woolen mittens? Brown paper packages tied up with strings? Are these a few of my favorite things? Well, I admit that they ARE rather nice, but sometimes nice just doesn’t cut the mustard.

As an aside, why does mustard need cutting? Who came up with this expression? Plenty of things need cutting: cheese, the crap, it (out). But mustard? Set your sights higher, people. I digress.

My favorite things mightn’t be rhapsodized in a Broadway musical, but they make me smile no less broadly.

I love …

Bare feet on warm tiles.
Stinky cheese.
Laughing til my sides hurt.
Razor-tipped Sharpies.
Dancing with my kids.
Scrambled eggs.
Singing more.
UGGs. Yeah, I know they make my feet look like loaves of bread. What of it?
Flip-flops. They’re the UGGs of summer. Or vice versa.
Cheese. All kinds.
Goat cheese in scrambled eggs.
The beauty and precision proffered by proper punctuation.
That most of you called me a dork just now.
Killer smiles.
My “chosen” family.
My kids.
That my kids are goobers like their mom.
The smell of freshly cut grass.
The smell of salt air near the ocean.
The smell of original Coppertone.
Down blankets.
Big, ridiculous red wine.
Sharing the wine.
Kisses. The Crash Davis sort.
The light scent of lavender in my room.
That I’m turning into my mom. Because she’s cool.
Being determined, but reasoned.
Pecan Pie.
Sweet Potato Pie.
Apple Pie.
Christmas trees. Real ones.
Sitting in the quiet, looking at the lights on my Christmas tree.
My family.
My friends. Who are also my family.
Great beer.
Shrimp. Scallops. Seafood of all sorts. Except Unagi … because NO.
Good cell signal.
Jeans when the weather juuuuuuust starts to get cool.
The feeling of the summer sun beating into my shoulders.
Sitting on a beach til I’m so hot I can barely stand it and just have to get into the water.
Diving into the ocean.
Drying off in the sun and sitting on the beach until I’m so hot I can barely stand it and just have to get into the water again.
Holding hands.
The internal lightning strike that comes when you get “that look.”
Freshly roasted coffee.
Champagne Sundays.
Snow angels.
Sitting next to a fire after making snow angels, sledding, and skiing.
Talking and laughing and talking with the people I care about.
Laughing. Yeah, I already said that, but it feels so good it bears mentioning twice. Besides, it’s my blog post; I get to make the rules.

And, as Meg would say (because she’s my inspiration here, as for so many things) … what do you love?


  1. Tara Christianson /

    You. Duh.

    Wine on the floor.
    Champagne Sundays.
    Thai donuts.

    Foot rubs.
    Hot showers.
    Plane rides at sunset and sunrise, where I can watch all the colors hit the horizon.
    Holding hands
    Crystalline turquoise waters lapping at ivory shores
    Floating in salt water in warm sunshine
    Being near water of nearly any kind
    Lavender everything
    Crisp cotton sheets freshly dried and warmed in the sun
    The husky whisper of “I love you” when you least expect it
    Close-knit networks
    More books
    Electronic books and apps that make reading anywhere possible
    Neil Gaiman, Jeanette Winterson, e e cummings and all the other poets and authors that make me dream wider than the universe can gape
    Star-gazing, constellations and shooting stars
    Crisp breezes on hot summer days
    Maryland crabs
    Old Bay
    Cold cold cold beer on a hot hot hot day
    That first warmth of a good bourbon
    A full moon (especially over water)
    Good dreams
    Fast Wi-Fi
    Red lipstick
    Feeling wanted, cherished, safe and loved
    Gut-busting guffaws
    Grins you can’t keep from escaping and overtaking your face
    Really, really good, hot coffee
    All the sights and smells of a baseball game
    Family, both genetic and shaped over time
    Being wrapped up in arms so tightly you never want to leave
    Waking up to a crisp autumn morning, leaves crunching under your feet, frost slipping away into the rising sun
    Camping on the beach
    The lightbulb in someone’s eyes when they suddenly understand something you’ve been trying to teach
    Convertible rides to anywhere and nowhere
    Cashmere cardigans
    The kiss that makes you feel like you’re the only 2 people in the world
    Hot chocolate with an overdose of marshmallows
    Technology when it works
    Fresh fruit, especially mango, watermelon, grapes and melon
    A big ripe avocado, neatly sliced
    A good shoe
    Music to fit the mood (can’t live without music!)
    A wood-burning fire
    People watching
    A nice, juicy medium rare steak
    Cramming as much info into this noggin as I possibly can

  2. I’m want to amend to say … I love that you LEFT A COMMENT ON A BLOG POST. And it was mine! Also cheese. And I love you, too.

  3. Tara Christianson /

    CHEESE! Mmmm. Brie. And Gerbera daisies! But not together. I think.

  4. Heather Elias /

    My peeps.
    Yellow maples in the fall
    That first sip of coffee in the morning
    Jeans, year round. Seriously.
    Music in my earbuds, soundtrack to my life
    Nearly black toenail polish
    Staying up until ungodly hours to finish a good book
    Sister talk, so fast no one else can keep up
    When Wil and Erika do the ‘twin thing’ and make each other laugh hysterically
    Sitting on the front porch in Pap’s rocking chair
    Driving down windy back roads with the music loud
    Natalie’s blond curls
    Anejo tequila, preferably in margaritas. No salt.
    Dirt covered softball playing girls, with grins
    Picking crabs, with beer, around a table full of family. For hours.
    Standing tiptoe to hug my son
    Having a living, breathing mini me
    And having a niece that looks more like me
    High heels, and being tall too
    Cooking from scratch without a recipe
    The trifecta of mischief, mayhem, and trouble
    Overstuffed chair by a fireplace, with a blanket
    Dark chocolate
    Victorian architecture

    Crinkle eye smiles
    Maddie’s sunshine

  5. Shut. UP. Wait … I need a moment.

  6. Tara Christianson /


  7. I do love you rather a lot, Ms. Elias. :)

  8. I love this list. Except for the snow parts. :-)

  9. HAHA! Ed, the snow DOES have its benefits. :)

  10. And thank you so much. Your opinion means a great deal. :)

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