Happy Grasshopper, Email & Me: A Love Story

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 5.03.18 PMI love Happy Grasshopper.

But I should probably back up a bit, huh? I mean, what’s a love story, after all, if you start out with the happy ending first? Let’s start at the very beginning (as Julie Andrews once said, it’s a very good place to start).

In March 2013, I had the good fortune to be “set up” on a phone call with Dan Stewart, co-founder and CEO of Happy Grasshopper. I didn’t know much about the company and knew even less about him, but the setter-upper was (and is) a good friend, so off I went. The call couldn’t have gone better. We laughed and joked and talked and strategized for an hour or so, and though I still wasn’t entirely sure about the concept behind the company’s twist on email for salespeople, we decided that working together was something we wanted to try out.

I have a confession to make. 

Though I’d seen the product emails and heard lots of testimonials about Happy Grasshopper, I still wasn’t entirely sure how something so innocuous (or that seemed to be) could possibly work. See, I used to be a REALTOR and was trained to always be ON. I was trained to think that any time was a good time to sell*. Sell to your sphere! To your mechanic! Your kids’ teachers! To the people in line with you at the grocery store! And so on and so forth. I’m sure that lots of you can relate. So, when I saw Happy Grasshopper’s messages that not only didn’t sell–not at ALL–but that didn’t even mention what its senders did for a living, I just didn’t get it. Until I did.

*it isn’t.

I started noticing something.

Happy Grasshopper’s customers LOVE this product. They are as effusive about it as any customers I’ve ever seen. They GUSH about it. But why? Here’s why: Happy Grasshopper’s messages give salespeople a way to keep in touch with people they’ve worked with before, but who simply don’t need their services RIGHT THEN. People–consumers–don’t want to be sold to all the time and will only call you back when they need your services. Period. So by taking the gentler, friendlier touch, Happy Grasshopper’s customers actually get replies to their messages. Let me say that again: THEY GET REPLIES. When was the last time you either got or sent a reply to a marketing email? I’m gonna guess never. So the fact that Happy Grasshopper’s customers were getting 10, 15, 20 or more replies to every message they sent kind of blew me away.

Suddenly, I GOT IT.

Happy Grasshopper simply makes sense. When you can cast off this notion that you have to sell in order to sell, your mind becomes a freer place and you’re able to grasp concepts like, say, treating people like people instead of numbers. People like that. Crazy as it might seem.

I don’t ever–or at least hardly ever–stand up on a virtual plinth, stomp my feet, and light a match for a product, but I’ll do it for this one. Happy Grasshopper is a product that works, plain and simple. I believe in it with everything I’ve got. Its effectiveness is undeniable. I have seen too many instances and talked to too many people who were thrilled with the results Happy Grasshopper gave them to doubt that when it comes to email, Happy Grasshopper is about as effective as it gets.

And there was a bonus.

That’s right, a bonus. Not ONLY do I get to write about and sing the praises of a company that I love and a product I believe in, I ALSO get to work with a team of people that’s every bit as awesome as the products it sells. Dan, Celeste (who’s the data genius and technical superhero behind most of what we do), Russell, Heather, and the rest of Team Happy Grasshopper are smart. They’re fun. They’re genuine. And they’re the best people I’ve ever worked with.

If you haven’t tried Happy Grasshopper, you really should. I’m not a salesperson & there’s no way I could stand here (truth be told, I’m  sitting) and tell you it was chock full of awesome if I didn’t believe in it 100%. And I do.

Working at Happy Grasshopper with Dan & team for the past year has been among the more rewarding professional experiences I’ve ever had. I am proud to represent a product I believe in.

Like I said: I love this company. My name is Melissa, and I AM a Happy Grasshopper.

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    We love working with you too!!!

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