A one-woman shop based just outside of Washington, DC, Honeybee Consulting is a firm whose core passions lie with great writing.

Even if you have a great product or company, it’s hard to get the message out without effective writing. Honeybee will craft content for your website, blog, marketing materials — whatever you need, really — that’s second-to-none. Just as important as writing that’s creative and crystal clear is editing that’s precise. If your copy is rife with errors, poor usage, or if your thoughts appear jumbled, your all-important message will be lost. Honeybee provides editing services for a wide range of materials, such as press releases, blog posts, articles, screenplays, book manuscripts, and just about anything else that’s written.

But what about all of this social media … stuff?

Honeybee can help you there, too. Constantly evolving, social sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine–you name it–have presented companies and brands with a whole new set of tools for reaching their customers, for making connections, maintaining those they already have, and for mending fences where they may have been broken.

Honeybee will show you how to navigate the social web. We’ll show you not only how to get in touch with your customers, we’ll make sure you’re not doing things to alienate them in the process. Everyone is different; no one company’s needs are exactly the same as another’s. Together, we’ll develop a strategy that suits your needs. One size does not fit all.

Melissa Case, the voice behind Honeybee Consulting, is a graduate of the University of Maryland at College Park (Go Terps!), with a degree in English Literature. After a long tenure in PR with a firm in Bethesda, Maryland, Melissa worked for many years doing freelance writing of all kinds for customers in the fields of Real Estate, Retail Apparel, Public Relations, Communications, Finance, Video Game Technology, Theatre and many others. She is a perfectionist when it comes to her writing (and in all things) and will give you nothing short of her best, every time.